Oct. 8th, 2018 12:21 am
svensk: (eyecolour shot)
Canon: Vampire: The Masquerade
Name: Rasmus Björklund
Age: ~420 (Born in 1575)
More information: Here.

Clan: Gangrel
Generation: 8th
Based in: Stockholm, Sweden (originally northern countryside, then Uppsala for a few decades)
Sect: Camarilla from 1601 until 1999. (Default pull-point is the end of Fair to Foul with Lilith winning)

Other notes of interest:
- He owns a number of dogs, a few of them ghouled, most not. Having at least one of them around calms him down somewhat - he frenzies a lot more easily if he for some reason can't have at least one of them with him.
- Dogs of note: Emil (Swedish Vallhund, m, ghouled but still looks normal, oldest by far and most beloved), Jenny (German Shepherd, f, ghouled), Katarina (Rotweiler, f), Ari (standard poodle, m)
- No obvious animalistic attributes, though someone who watches him for a while and knows what to look for will notice that he walks a bit strangely.

Please note: I am not a native English speaker and have never played VtM in English. Thus some terminology which I use may be off, as I translate the terms that I know instead of taking them directly from the English source books. Please be kind and tell me if such a thing happens, as I wish to learn. Thank you!